Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wood chuck

How much wood must a wood chuck…

The day started with a member of the Silver Vixen’s coven turning up, with her familiar, and a large enclosed trailer on the back of her broomstick. The Gorse Fox had a lot of wood left over from various projects, and rather than just ditch it, he was happy to see it go to a new home where it could be fashioned in startling new forms, or burned in wood-burning stoves.

Once the wood had been chucked, the Gorse Fox cast his attention to the ten crates of books. At the re-cycling centre there is a large container for books and games – so after a last minute check through the stacks of literature GF committed them to be re-cycled.

A trip to the local builders’ merchant was next – we had wanted to look at some ideas for the kitchen, and look at some lighting options; and so we wandered the aisles pointing at possibilities and making mental notes of the price points.

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