Saturday, April 14, 2012

Lofty ambitions

Living in a bungalow, with a large room occupying most of the loft, the Gorse Fox doesn’t have AN attic, as such. There is a walk-in loft space, which was emptied last week-end. But. he has several attic spaces occupying the four corners of the upstairs – each is low, has a sloping roof, and stretches a long way.

It was time to empty these. So it was that much of the morning was spent on hands and knees crawling into these spaces to retrieve boxes and crates of goodness knows what. The filtration process started and much of the material we were holding for Cousteau-cub was transferred into 3 80ltr plastic crates, clothes were vacuum packed in bags, and a few odd bits set aside for the next trip tip. Then came the next space – this had an old VCR, a DVD player, an old TV, an original IBM PS/2 20MB PC and printer and several storage boxes of books and notes from a strategy course GF attended back in the 90s.

The car was loaded and GF went to see his friends at the tip.

One of the Freecycle claimants finally turned up – a day late – for some wardrobes. Even then she only took half of them and said she would be back tomorrow for the rest. Annoying. (But then, the other residual claimant didn’t turn up at all).

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