Friday, April 13, 2012


The day was peppered with distraction and disruption as GF tried to complete a document and send it out for review.

A neighbour called in – we had not met before, but have spoken to her husband several times. She turned out to be absolutely charming, but did like to chat.

With the surplus furniture advertised on Freecycle earlier in the week, several of the claimants arrived at points throughout the day to take “their” bits.

There was a call from the purchaser

There was a call from his builder

There was an urgent email from the solicitor.

Never mind. In the end everything got done and GF packed up as the early evening news began. Talking of which, it was Aintree’s “Ladies Day”. Watching the feature on the news, one has to ask “has there ever been more ironic name for an event?”

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