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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Hue and Cry

 The weather has been gorgeous today. September always seems so much more reliable than August, down here on the south coast. We started the day with a quick trip to the surgery. We both had our annual flu jabs booked. It appears that, as of next birthday, the Gorse Fox can also have a vaccination against shingles. He'll certainly line up for that one.

Leaving the surgery we stopped at B&Q for some lining paper and picked up a couple of further tester pots. Back home, after a lovely fried breakfast and some more coffee, we started to paint sheets of lining paper so that we could move them round the house and check whether they were suitable or not. It turns out that in most cases they was not! They all seemed to come up a bit too dark.

Some further study of the paint charts allowed us to select some new alternatives. Hopefully these would be less dark. Another trip to B&Q (the infamous B&Q bounce) saw use choose some further tester pots, and once we were home we cut some more test sheets and painted them up. We now think that we have colour that should do the trick but the Gorse Fox will have to go and get the trade equivalent of the retail product to check the colour is the same.

Indoor football is back on tomorrow morning. The Gorse Fox has drawn the short straw in that he had to pre-select the teams. He has started by creating a rating for each of the players and then using the ratings, he tried to create evenly matched teams. This will have to be refined over time, but it seemed as good a start as any.

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