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Tuesday, July 27, 2021


 The weather looked a little threatening when we got up. The Gorse Fox had football scheduled and expected to get wet. The Silver Vixen had a morning with Urban-cub and Ellie in the plan.

The Gorse Fox headed off first and checked in with the lads at Worthing. There were 34 of us today. Ten peeled off to play on the 5-a-side pitch and the rest of us split into 6-a-side teams and played on the big pitches. The team on which the Gorse Fox played didn't look too strong but seemed adequate. We won the first game 3-2. It was only then that one of our team, Mark, admitted he used to be semi-professional in Germany. That explained quite a bit. Teams swapped round and we played our second game. Another win. This time it was 2-1. The final game went the same way. It was very satisfying. The only criticism that the Gorse Fox had was that his other full-back lacked discipline. As a result, he wandered all over the place and the Gorse Fox had to cover for him time and again. 

While this was going on, the Silver Vixen met up with Urban-cub and Ellie. It was time to go and select her school uniform. This was very exciting. Bundles of clothes were chosen for each house, and proper shoes were added to the pile. Skirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, cardigans, and gym shorts found their way into the bag. Ellie was very excited and provided a fashion show when she got back. The Gorse Fox would guess that the real problem will be preventing her from wearing them before school begins.

We have heard that Cousteau-cub has some dental problems at present and is in excruciating pain. She has been along to see a specialist and has some antibiotics to help clear the infection. Only then can they start to look at the root cause of the problem and come up with a plan.

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