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Friday, May 14, 2021


 With Urban-Cub having a day off, the Silver Vixen and Gorse Fox were not required to get Ellie ready and take her to Dizzy Ducklings. That being said, the Gorse Fox did go round the corner and escort them to pre-school. In general, however, it was a very quiet start to the day.

The Silver Vixen has spent most of the day on one of her sewing projects, and  the Gorse Fox among the boughs of the family tree. There were some cousins from and earlier generation about which the Gorse Fox had very little information. The objective, today, was to try and fill in a few more gaps. It was interesting and, at times, quite confusing. In the end he made sense of it all.

One tragic cousin, Arthur married in 1916 and had his first child at the start of November 1917. He was, however, killed on the 29th November without ever seeing his daughter.

Mid-day we had a knock at the door. It was a cluster of neighbours. Rumour is spreading that a troublemaker from another area of the development has set her sights on turning the gardens outside our house into a car park. The cluster was there to ask the Gorse Fox to get onto the rogue group and shut down the whole idea. The Gorse Fox really does not want to a) have the gardens turned into a car park, nor b) be a member of this secretive committee of self appointed managers for the development. He will, however, weigh-in if he has to.

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