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Tuesday, May 18, 2021


 It was a fairly normal start for mid-week. Urban-Cub dropped Ellie off and we got her ready for school and then took her round Dizzy Ducklings.

As soon as we got back, the Gorse Fox headed off to Worthing for the football. This Tuesday session is getting very popular. We had 40 players today. Like last week, some were skimmed off to play in the 5-a-side cages, while the rest of us split into 4 teams and played a round robin. The Gorse Fox's team were quite good at moving the ball around and won the first game 5-2, then the second was 3-0. When we got to the third game, the Gorse Fox was asked  if he switch to another team to help make up the numbers after someone had gone off injured. This was the only game that he lost; 1-0.

Despite having been back playing for about 6 weeks, the Gorse Fox doesn't really feel as if he is getting any fitter, which is a bit frustrating.

Back home the Gorse Fox was pleased to see that his new football boots arrived early afternoon. These were an astounding orange-yellow colour. Unfortunately, they were also much too tight, so the Gorse Fox packaged them up and returned them for the next size up.

Ellie is with us again overnight tonight as Urban-Cub has a very early start again.

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