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Monday, May 17, 2021

1 in 2048

It was a showery day, but dry first thing. Ellie slept through and popped in to see us just before 7:00. She asked for the Gorse Fox's iPad, then settled down in between us to watch YouTube Kids.

Having dropped her off at Dizzy Ducklings we set about the morning's tasks. The Silver Vixen had to go to the pharmacy and the Gorse Fox had to have another coffee. Then, collecting various forms and documents, he went round to the primary school where Ellie will go in September. (This is all of a 2 minute walk). They needed proof of entitlement and this had been complicated by the fact that the application was made from here, but Urban-Cub and Ellie have now moved round the corner. Everything was duly photocopied and the forms submitted. All should now be on track.

The Silver Vixen had a call with one of her girlfriends, then settled down with her sewing.

The Gorse Fox returned to the family tree. He had some nagging concerns regarding some research another cousin had performed without providing any corroboration. He dug into the archives and into the Parish Registers. Bit by bit he unpicked the story, working backwards from the last person about whom he was certain. Bit by bit the records were found, and in the end, the information proved to be correct. It is now, however, properly documented. As he was working, he did manage to find another generation. This pushed him back to 9th great grandfather, 1 in 2048 of his 9th great grandparents. (For Ellie that would be 1 in 8192)

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