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Saturday, April 17, 2021


Some days are really successful. Then, of course, that has to be balanced out.

The Gorse Fox had his weekly call with the cousins, which, as ever, was fun. Then that was followed by a long "Signal" chat with Chris, the eldest of the cousins. It turns out that he is an equal opportunity hater; disliking most of the major countries and their citizens. He told the Gorse Fox that his children accused him of being racist, but his defence was that he hated everyone equally. For someone that was born in the UK, lived in Malta, served in the Royal Navy, and has lived in Switzerland and Israel before retiring to Turkey - that seems strange.

The rest of the day was fairly frustrating. The Gorse Fox has been trying to track down information regarding is grandmother's sister's descendants. For most, it is not a problem.  But there is one nice Patricia Edith that is causing consternation. In the end the Gorse Fox has written to distant cousins in the UK and the US to see if they can shed light on the situation.

The Gorse Fox could get his usual Tadka Dahl from Ocado this week. As a result he has cooked his own. It turned out to be very tasty, but not as spicy as he would have liked. Fortunately, there was enough left for two more meals. He will have to remember to add some more chillies.

The other the Gorse Fox did, while preparing dinner, was to create a dry ru for the beef joint that we have planned for tomorrow. The joint is now suitable smeared in the dry run and nestles in the bottom of the fridge unit the Gorse Fox retrieves it for a long low and slow cook tomorrow.  

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