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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Hat trick

 It was a lovely morning for football. We had 3 thirty minute matches scheduled and shuffled the personnel between games. In the first two games the Gorse Fox was playing in yellow and we managed 1-1 drowse in both games. In the last game he was playing orange. We won this 4-3... despite the Gorse Fox who managed to get his foot to all three of the goals we conceded, claiming a hat trick of own goals! He did also score a cracking goal at the correct end, rifling the ball from just inside the halfway line. The problem was that the ref, tripping over his white stick, was disorientated and claimed the ball had followed a trajectory that took it above the height of the cross-bar, before dropping into the goal. The Gorse Fox and his team disputed this, pointing that was not possible as the ball was still rising as it clattered into the net. The goal did not count, The Gorse Fox was not amused.

We popped round to see Urban-Cub this afternoon. She had a couple of window troughs to mount, so the Gorse Fox decided it was safer and quicker for him to do it than allow her to try. 

That done, the Gorse Fox returned to Condor. He started by looking at the various systems and services that start when the machine boots. He would, by a process of elimination, try to determine which one was causing the problem. 

  • Sophos was disabled - no effect. 
  • Network drives were scanned for errors - no errors.
  • Google Backup/Sync was disable - no effect
  • GoodSync was disabled - no effect
  • OneDrive was disabled - voila!!!! Things started to work again
Now the Gorse Fox isn't sure if everything is back to normal, but the few tests he has run so far seem to run successfully and lay the blame squarely on Microsoft OneDrive (a clear can of sabotage). The Gorse Fox will see how things progress over the next few days. He is hopeful.

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