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Saturday, April 10, 2021

And Smile

 The Gorse Fox received his new laptop at tea-time yesterday. Despite specifically asking for McAfee not to be installed, the Gorse Fox had to remove it as he went through the set up. Merlin, as it's now called, certainly seems eager to please. Today, it has generated the "the Empson book" in under 3 minutes and, trying another complete book stretching back over 90 families, it finished about 300 pages without a murmur in about 5 minutes. Osprey couldn't even generate the second book. Osprey had to break it into 5 volumes!

Much of today (after the regular cousins' zoom call) has been spent re-acquainting the Gorse Fox with the incantations, frustrations,  and chants required to run Windows. Alongside this, he has been filling in more blanks in the family tree.

Talking of cousins, the Gorse Fox got a message from a cousin, Austin,  that he doesn't think he has seen since the early 1960s. He too is researching his side of the tree. The Gorse Fox has sent him the 300 page summary of his own research into that part of the family (what a good job he compiled it this morning as an experiment). Hopefully, he will find it useful, and may be able to fill in some of the more recent details.

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