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Thursday, August 06, 2020

A Tale of Two Cities

Thursday has been a tale of two cities (hmm, that would make a good title for a book... but what the Dickens?). The Gorse Fox was up early, quickly followed by Urban-Cub. She had an early appointment in Angmering, but the Gorse Fox had cadged a lift to Bognor Regis station. He was, again, heading for the Apple Store.

The trains were busier than last week, but only two people failed to wear a mask. Both youngsters, of course. Like last week, the Gorse Fox headed down Queen's Road from the the station and diverted into Greggs for a bacon roll before continuing down to Churchill Mall. Again he was confronted by the phalanx of Apple drones and their security detail (SWAT squad). Again he had his temperature taken and was told to wait until called. Fortunately, he only waited a few minutes before a drone collected him and presented him with his MacBook with its brand new battery duly installed. It had all been nicely cleaned as well, and looked like new. Money was exchanged for the service and the Gorse Fox left.

He strolled back up Queen's Road with no particular train in mind, however, like last week, he strolled onto the concourse to see a train scheduled to leave in 3 minutes. He wandered up to a sparsely occupied carriage, sat down, and the train left. Perfect (if accidental) timing.

Back home there time for a coffee, some coding, and some lunch before the Silver Vixen and Gorse Fox headed back out. This time Chichester was the destination. The Gorse Fox had to see the podiatrist for his regular check and the Silver Vixen wanted to get some cards, some presents, and some haberdashery. We were only there for just over an hour, but it was noticeable how much more busy it had become since our last trip (though everything is relative).

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