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Thursday, July 09, 2020

Tickling the little grey cells

It's been a very quiet day with the exception of the Ocado delivery. Ellie is still with Pistol Pete. Urban-Cub spent the morning on the phone sorting out various cancellations for services at the old house in LA. The Silver Vixen spend much of the morning on the phone also.

The Gorse Fox squirrelled himself away in the study. There wasn't, at first, a clear objective, but he started to review some code. That always triggers ideas for improvements or even for different techniques. Sure enough it didn't't take long for him to find something into which he could sink his teeth. So it is that he has spent most of the day, so far, lashed to the keyboard while riding out a storm of ideas and experiments. It's been immensely satisfying as all but one of his experiments have worked.

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