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Wednesday, July 08, 2020


It has been a very lazy day. The Gorse Fox hasn't really been sparked into life by any particular task. He spent some time playing with some code this morning. He feels that however good the code is, there can always be some improvement. When he had finished he tidied up his code library and consigned a lot of old code to an archive folder.

The Gorse Fox then swapped to the video editor. He has started on a video of Ellie throughout 2018. This is time-consuming as is started with 84 separate video files last nearly 2 hours.  These have to be viewed and trimmed down so that we end up with a palatable 15-20 minutes. He will return to this another day as he's going boss-eyed from editing at the moment.

Ellie has just gone off with Pistol Pete for an overnight stay.

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