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Sunday, December 15, 2019

Team effort

Ellie slept through until nearly eight. Then the Gorse Fox stood by her door and watched as she sat in her bed telling stories to her dolls. She was explaining about the Gruffalo and how Nana had a bad leg and had to go to the doctor. This must have gone on for ten minutes or so before she got bored and called out to get up.

The Gorse Fox had football. it was the last Sunday game until the New Year and we had a good turnout. The Gorse Fox was hemmed in at the back by the attack from the other team and slowly we succumbed to their pressure. Though the gOrse Fox hit the bar a couple of times, he didn't manage a goal. We lost 11-7.

Before he had left for football, the Gorse Fox had retrieved the Xmas decorations from the garage loft. When he got home, the Silver Vixen and Ellie were sorting through them and deciding what would go where. Soon, Urban-cub and Cousteau-cub arrived. Decorating then became a team effort. The Gorse Fox, knowing his limitations, stuck to draping Xmas lights around the bay window and the porch. He then retreated to the kitchen and made a start on the Sunday Roast.

He must say that the decorations look very good.

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