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Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Perplex? No Perspex

The Gorse Fox had an unexpectedly clear day. He had got the weeks mixed up and the visit that we are expecting next Tuesday was lodged in his mind for today. Once disabused of this notion he was able to replan the proceedings.

The Silver Vixen was out with a girlfriend and would be at the afternoon session of the Embroiders' Guild. The Gorse Fox got on with various bits and pieces... Firstly there was the Christmas card list to review and update, then print for the Silver Vixen's inspection later. Once agreed the labels can be generated. Then there were several domestic chores to clear, but they didn't take too long.

The problem then became a waiting game. The Gorse Fox had been informed that delivery of a perspex sheet was scheduled. He was perplexed. Not because he wasn't expecting it but rather because he didn't know at what time to expect it. He squirrelled himself away in the study and did some filing of photos and some initial selections of photos for the next photo book he will have printed.

The perspex arrived late afternoon. IT was quickly unpacked and fitted to wall behind the bin. It looks quite smart and will protect the paintwork. At last, the Gorse Fox could get on with other things, other than the fact it was now approaching rush hour and he no intention of driving to Chichester just for the fun of sitting in traffic. He wrote off that idea. The only other plan had been to get his hair cut. A quick phone call to the nice lady at the barbers' shop, and off he went.

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