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Wednesday, December 04, 2019


There was another good frost overnight. The Gorse Fox had to go out to de-ice the windscreens on the Silver Vixen's car before she could head off to Pilates. She commented, on her return, how nice the heated steering wheel had been. The Gorse Fox thinks we have a winner there.

He followed her out. He was heading for Worthing and football. Resting the knee yesterday gave him some confidence that, with a knee brace, he would be all right to play today. As the teams were selected, the Gorse Fox (in a fetching yellow bib) commented to Barry that it looked as if Krakatoa Jack had decided he wanted to be on the winning team today. There seemed to be a propensity for more of the talented and mobile players to be allocated orange bibs (like the one that Jack had already tucked into his waistband).

We had no available goalies today, so the Gorse Fox played in goal for the first half. He had to pull off a number of saves and blocks but eventually conceded. Fortunately, our forwards were passing the ball about well and picking off goals such that the half-time score was 6-1 to the yellow bibs. In the second half, the Gorse Fox came out on the pitch and played in his usual centre-back position. We had the defence pretty well sewn up and could allow the forwards to continue to pick off the odd goals here and there. The Gorse Fox got in on the action with a powerful drive from the edge of the centre circle which curled beautifully into the bottom left-hand corner of the net. In the end, we won handsomely with 11 goals to the odd 2 from orange.

Back home, the Gorse Fox continued to work on the new storage units for the utility cupboard. The top unit now locks neatly (and tightly) into the bottom unit, without requiring any fixings. The rails which will support the vertical partition are cut to size, and the vertical partition itself is cut to size. The garage, whilst temporarily a workshop, has reverted to a garage and everything is ready for the next stage of the installation... once we have decided what that will be!

The Gorse Fox took the Coventry Hobbit into Bognor Regis to purchase a mattress for the new flat. Reynolds seems to be the only place that has stock which can be delivered on Friday when they get their keys. A mattress is a personal choice, so it was important that the Coventry Hobbit tried it before committing. He's gone straight on to work from Bognor, so the Gorse Fox doesn't know if he decided to go ahead.

We have also heard from Urban-cub today. Ellie is unwell and had been prescribed a course of antibiotics. Hopefully, it will work quickly and she will soon be feeling better.

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