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Thursday, November 14, 2019


It's been an interesting day. There was the usual cluster of domestic items to start the day... clearing up the carpet after Jasper had vomited, bringing in the shopping from Ocado, and taking Cousteau-cub to the hospital for a check-up. On this latter trip, it became clear that the roads were busy, so the Gorse Fox scooted round the back way to avoid the worst of the traffic. Cousteau-cub was much longer at the hospital than she had expected so the Gorse Fox volunteered to collect her and take her into work. Using the back-doubles helped but we soon discovered that roadworks, just north of Bersted, were the source of the problem.  All further trips today avoided the area and used the Lower Bognor Road.

After lunch, Two Hats and Tinkerbell gave us a lift into Chichester to collect the new car. The hand-over was very detailed and we must have been with the salesperson for nearly two hours. He took our money (which turned out to be less than the Gorse Fox had expected) then took us through most of the car's features, functions, and technologies. Whether we remember any of them will be another matter!

We drove back, trying some of the features that we had remembered. Like most new cars it had about a soupspoon of petrol in the tank so our first stop was Sainsbury's to top it up. Once home, the Gorse Fox started to read the manual. This is a very advanced bit of automotive technology and there's a lot we have to learn.

It is the Silver Vixen's car (just in time for her Birthday). Tomorrow she will drive it for the first time, having insisted that the Gorse Fox drive it back from the dealer.

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