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Saturday, November 16, 2019


Well, that was a milestone. Yesterday's blog post was the 10,000th entry the Gorse Fox has published since October 2004, when he started. It's been a blast and the Gorse Fox is still hooked on the whole process.

Today has been very ordinary. The morning was spent sitting in the new car trying to get to grips with all of the things that are available. He thinks that most items are set up and working. The one outstanding issue seems to be the DAB radio. FM works fine, but DAB seems limited to the local stations only. The Gorse Fox will have to go back to Skoda on Monday and get them to look at it (not that we use the DAB radio much).

This afternoon saw a trip to Sainsbury's, but that's the extent of today's excitement. (The Gorse Fox has made the most of the Nectar offering to double our points - this gives us a significant voucher that we must spend in-store by Tuesday; it sounds like we may be stocking up on the wine for Christmas).

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