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Monday, October 21, 2019

In, Out, In, Out...

The Gorse Fox seems to have spent much of the day popping out, then returning. It started with a trip to the Nissan dealership to have the Qashqai MOT'd and serviced. Then having walked home he settled down for some breakfast.

He had domestic chores on the schedule for the morning, but took a break to take the Coventry Hobbit around to the Doctors' Surgery, then returned to continue with the chores, the most unpleasant of which was retrieving Jasper's pooh from the pea shingle by the side of the house and disposing of it. It's hard to believe how much pooh such a small cat can generate.

Nissan phoned so the Gorse Fox headed back out. He plugged in his earphones and enjoyed half an hour of his book while walking to the dealership. The car was ready and they have offered us a good price for it, when the Skoda comes. The Gorse Fox spoke to Skoda - our car is at the "port of exit", which means it is sitting on the dock in Hamburg (or wherever) waiting to be loaded onto a ship for the UK. The chap reckons we should have it in three weeks... which was good news.

Lat afternoon Cousteau-Cub arrived home and the Gorse Fox was on the move again. She had another appointment at the chiropractor, so we whizzed across to Rustington. BY the time she was finished it was getting a bit late to cook, so the Gorse Fox ordered some fish and chips. We were home just after 7 and all settled down to enjoy the fruits of the fryer.

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