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Thursday, October 17, 2019

All Clear

It was an early start. The Silver Vixen had an appointment at the hospital for her 6-week post-op check. The appointment was just after nine o'clock but the traffic is notoriously bad so we left ourselves an hour to get to St Richard's. As it happens we couldn't have left much later without getting quite stressed - we did arrive with about ten minutes to spare.

The Consultant saw the Silver Vixen and chatted with her about  her progress, any remaining discomfort, and checked on her range of movement. He was very pleased and gave her a clean bill of health telling her she could resume her normal life with the exception of parachuting and bungee jumping. The exceptions rather put a stop to the Gorse Fox's plans for her birthday, but he still has time to cancel the jump.

We went into Chichester. The Silver Vixen wanted some shopping from M&S and the Gorse Fox had his regular appointment with the chiropodist. While there, the heavens opened and we got thoroughly soaked. We did manage to get our shopping, however, and celebrated with lunch at "Ask Italian". It was nice meal (the Silver Vixen had lasagne, and the Gorse Fox had a pizza) and we both indulged in a sweet. We certainly won't need to eat again tonight. Having said that we did stop at Turner's Pies on the way back to the car and picked up some suitable examples for the Coventry Hobbit.

Back home, Urban-Cub popped in with Ellie for an hour. She had some emails that she wanted printed and doesn't have a printer at home. Ellie was her usual chirpy little self, but is clearly a little tired as she was falling asleep on Bumpa's shoulder by the time they were ready to leave.

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