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Wednesday, September 18, 2019


We had a lovely long chat with Cousteau-cub last night. She was relaxing in a hammock in the grounds of her hotel in Tuscany. She is clearly loving it there but is considering leaving a day early so that she and the Coventry Hobbit can visit Florence on the way back.

Today has been a bit more of the same. The Silver Vixen has been pottering some more and managed to get out into the garden to fiddle with the raised beds. The Gorse Fox continued to work on "condor" and is looking further at options regarding extending to a further SSD and also extending the ports. This has taken a lot of reading and a bit of guesswork. He thinks he now has a solution in mind, but will hang fire for a bit.

The Silver Vixen had a visit from a member of her coven this afternoon. This meant that the Gorse Fox had to deal with some hubble-bubble to make the tea and managed to steer them away from the "eye of newt" in favour of some dark chocolate and raspberry biscuits.

The Gorse Fox took the opportunity to blitz his study while this was going on. Many megabytes of scanning and several bags of shredding later, he was astonished to find there is a wooden surface to his desk.

The Silver Vixen is enjoying the last bit of the afternoon sunshine at the moment.

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