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Sunday, September 15, 2019

First fix

Another gorgeous day here on the South Coast. The Silver Vixen is making good progress and managing to scoot around the house with a single crutch and leap up and down the stairs with a pair of crutches. (Well, "leap" maybe a bit of an exaggeration).

The Gorse Fox's first attempt to fix "Condor" has been pretty successful and he has managed to clone the hard drive, and boot up and run the system from the clone. The cloning process reported a number of errors along the way and advised how to circumvent them. Thank goodness for the Time Machine backups. Having circumvented the errors the Gorse Fox has reverted to the internal (failing drive) for the moment. He has decided to re-clone the drive and ensure that he also manages to get the "Recovery" drive this time (he forgot first time round). That process is chugging away upstairs at the moment and will probably run for several more hours.

We've heard from Cousteau-cub. She and the Coventry Hobbit arrived at their hotel yesterday afternoon and are making the most of the peace and quiet and the lovely looking surroundings.

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