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Saturday, September 21, 2019


It's been another glorious day, even if the wind has been a little cool. The Silver Vixen has made the most of it and spent most of the afternoon sitting in sun, lapping up the rays. Her progress continues to impress and we even managed to go for a short walk around the Crescent today. She'll be out jogging before long.

The Gorse Fox had some tidying up to complete. There are a couple months of photos in Google than needed to be downloaded and filed on the local machines. When he analysed the tas he realised there was a lot of manual intervention required to create all the correct target folders. He decided that this was a task that could be automated. He installed ooRexx on a USB that could be run on the iMac. A few lines of code later he had a working script that dealt with the last couple of months of photos and should work for future photos when required.

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