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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Well there's interesting

It was a grey start, but as the day wore on the sun broke through and we now have a glorious afternoon.

We weren't particularly quick to get underway this morning. We had no specific plans and the Gorse Fox's football had been cancelled as there were insufficient players available. As we chatted over breakfast, the Gorse Fox suggested we head along to one of the car dealerships and give the Silver Vixen a chance to look at one of the cars that we had under discussion.

Traffic on the A27 around Chichester was dreadful so the Gorse Fox cut across and used the back streets to bypass all of the hassles. It worked beautifully. We were soon standing in the dealership admiring the shiny new cars. A young oik arrived to offer assistance. To be fair, he was very pleasant, knowledgable, and was quite charming throughout our visit. We concluded that the car we had come to see was a definite contender and vowed to return for a test drive. (The Gorse Fox has subsequently arranged an appointment for the Silver Vixen to test drive the vehicle in question).

On the way home, we stopped off at another garage for a look at their options. Again there were some lovely examples on display but when we looked at the financial practicality they quickly ruled themselves out. It was nice to dream though.

Back home we went through all of the options and think we have a preferred choice. Now it will be a matter of taking the test drive, reworking the appropriate spreadsheets, and making a sensible decision. To some degree, it's a shame that we are looking for an SUV. There are some stunning saloons available at the moment. Mmmmm, should the Gorse Fox change his Fiesta? No. It would make no sense.

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