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Tuesday, July 23, 2019


What a stunning day. The sun has been shining from the moment it came up and the temperatures are in the low 30s.

The Gorse Fox was up early and managed to see Cousteau-cub before she headed off to work. She is clearly struggling with her back but wasn't going to let it stop her. The Gorse Fox headed off to football soon after nine. We had a good turn-out today so managed to get a solid 6-a-side tournament. The Gorse Fox played for the white-bibs. We had a solid team and a good defence. We managed to win the first game 2-0, lose the second game 2-0 and then win the last game 2-0. It was hot out there and people were wilting.

Despite the heat, we managed to have a 4-a-side session in the second hour. Here the Gorse Fox was playing for the blue-bibs and had far more license to roam. As a result, we won the first game 2-0, drew the second game 2-2, and lost the last game 1-0. The Gorse Fox had covered over 10kms in the heat and scored two goals. A very satisfactory morning.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Cousteau-cub had called the Silver Vixen. She was having real problems with her back and needed to get to A&E at St Richard's. By the time the Gorse Fox got home, the Silver Vixen was there with Cousteau-cub waiting to see the doctor. They were there in total for several hours but she has been given some medication and they are on their way home now.

The Gorse Fox made use of the time to pressurize the car dealership. It was quite successful and as a result, we have placed an order for a new car for the Silver Vixen. It's a factory order, so will probably take 10-12 weeks, but we are in no hurry (even if it would have been nice to have it by the time we went to Devon).

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