Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Winding down and packing up

Our last evening was spent saying farewell to various members of  staff and enjoying the entertainment on the terrace whilst having dinner. The Silver Vixen tucked in to a ribeye steak while the Gorse Fox enjoyed a plate of grilled snapper.

The entertainer sang a series of classic songs and tried to cajole the audience into dancing. He finally got some up on the dance floor by asking about how long they had been married. 5 years, 15 years, 35 years came the answers called back from the dark. The Gorse Fox called 46 years and we got a chorus of 'Wows' and round of applause.

No gym this morning. We have packing and check-out to worry about. The flight isn't until this evening but Virgin do recommend getting to the airport 4 hours before the flight. The Gorse Fox isn't sure we'll do that - but we will be there in plenty of time, hopefully.

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