Saturday, May 25, 2019

More Planning

It's been another quiet day. The sun has been shining and it's been lovely and warm When the Silver Vixen checked just now, it was 31C in the Orangery.

The Gorse Fox started back on the accounts. He was delighted to find that, despite the holiday expenses and the recent acquisition of another iPad for the Silver Vixen, he has finished the month with fractionally more money than he had started with. That's very heartening.

With that in mind he returned to holiday planning. Virgin have come back with another quote, significantly less than the first two. In fact it is now virtually identical to last year's prices... which is good news. He also looked at a couple of other options. There were a couple of spots in Antigua that looked rather nice, and several choices in the Cape Verde Islands to add to the locations he found on the Algarve yesterday. There's no hurry, but it is nice to get something in plan.

While looking at holidays, the Gorse Fox also took a look at an option for a short break in Seville. That looks very tempting and will be kept on the back burner.

We took Cousteau-Cub over to Urban-Cub during the afternoon. She'll be staying with them overnight.

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