Wednesday, May 22, 2019

And home

We had a quiet morning with our books and then settled  down for lunch. It didn't seem to matter what we did, we would be interrupted by staff and guests wishing us a safe trip home and asking when we would return. It really was quite moving.

It escalated as 2pm approached and we waited for the chauffeur. Our butler loaded the car with juices and canapés and the resort management came to see us off. We had a lovely ride up to the airport. It was interesting to hear the driver's views on various things, but particularly his view that Jamaica should never have asked for independence. It was much better under British rule, in his view, and there was far less corruption in high places.

We arrived at the airport and joined the throng. The Gorse Fox had checked in online, but we stall had to drop our bags. He was a annoyed that the seats which we had booked way back last year, and were still confirmed last week - had suddenly been re-allocated and we had been moved back by several rows. The agent at the desk couldn't help and the flight was just about full so there was no leeway. We were whisked along through security and down to the lounge.

As we arrived, we bumped in to one of the Gorse Fox's football chaps. He was scheduled on the same flight, so joined us in the lounge. He had been out in Jamaica on business (having lived there for a while a few years ago). It was nice to share a pint with him before the flight.

The escort came to take us to the flight and we pre-boarded. As it happens, the seats we had been allocated were fine. In fact we concluded they were better. They were at the back of that cabin, meaning we had nobody to knee us in the back, and we right by the exit so that we could be among the very first off the plane.

The flight was comfortable and quick, but the food was disappointing. The Gorse Fox admits we have been spoilt for the last couple of weeks, but even still. The chicken choice had run out, the pork was average, and the gnocchi (which the Silver Vixen had) was really stodgy and unappetising. The Silver Vixen settled down with a film and the Gorse Fox listened to music. We managed to get some sleep, but only and hour or two.

At Gatwick we were first off and zoomed along to baggage reclaim. Our bags were off fairly quickly and as we walked out landslide the driver grabbed our bags. 40 minutes from touchdown we were in the car and heading home.

We got back in time to see Cousteau-Cub before she went off to work. She's on a late shift today so didn't have to leave here until 11:45. Now it's just a matter of unpacking, getting the washing under way, showering, and having a nap.

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