Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Closing down

You may have heard that Google are closing down their Google+ system. This is a shame because it was far better than Facebook but never really gained sufficient traction. The Gorse Fox received an email telling him that he could extract his data if he wanted, so he followed the instructions and several minutes later he had a zip file of several thousand posts and several thousand photos nestling on his system. He spent some time looking through these earlier and it triggered quite a few interesting memories. Now he has to decide if they are unique enough that they should be processed and stored into his private blog. His gut feeling is they should and they probably don't duplicate entries from this blog.

The Gorse Fox cancelled football again today as he doesn't want to leave the Silver Vixen alone, though she is improving slightly. The Gorse Fox's sore throat remains unchanged, but isn't getting worse.

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