Friday, January 11, 2019

Mixed bag

Today has been a bit of a mixed bag. The Silver Vixen continued with her exploration of the darkest recesses of her sewing room. She has clear sufficient jungle to allow access to three of the wall and the Gorse Fox removed the shelves yesterday. This morning was focussed on filling the holes left by the fixings for the shelves. Over time there have been two set of shelves in virtually the same place. This meant that there remained a series of holes that looked as if the room had been sprayed from a machine pistol.

The Gorse Fox headed out to the garage to retrieve his filler compound, palette knife and various pliers and knives. The holes were deep so this was going to take a couple of passes. The first pass filled the deep ends of the holes and trimmed any remaining wall plugs that couldn't be removed. Several hours later he returned to make another pass and fill the holes completely. He'll leave these over night and sand them smooth tomorrow.

The afternoon started with a walk and the start of a new audio book "Dark Fire". This was actually a BBC Radio 4 full cast dramatisation and so it meant that it had plenty of sound effects and actors. The Gorse Fox still has a way to go before it is finished but it's very good so far.

We had a quiet hour before Urban-Cub arrived with Ellie. G-Force are now on duty through until Sunday afternoon. As the Gorse Fox writes this, Ellie is trying to see how wet she can make the Silver Vixen as she attempts to bath her. (The Silver Vixen is bathing Ellie officially, not the other way round).

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