Friday, November 09, 2018

Just stuff

No real focus for today as so much was dependent on what the family had planned (or unplanned).

The first thing was to get the Orangery sorted out... chairs and tables moved, spare table brought in from garage, running machine parked, and floor cleaned. Tick.

Next the Gorse Fox sorted out the outstanding photos that needed to be placed in the last few frames and get them mounted on the wall. Tick.

Drop Cousteau-Cub in Bognor for her appointment. Tick

Urban-Cub arrived with Ellie, so we chatted, had some lunch and monitored Ellie until it was time for them to head home. Tick.

Collect Cousteau-Cub from her appointment. Tick.

Finish shopping list and go with the Silver Vixen to Sainsbury's to pick up those items for the family "do" that aren't being provided by M&S in the morning. Tick.

Decide what to do about tonight's dinner... Outstanding.

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