Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Wicked day

Another super day. The sun was up and the skies were clear. Temperatures were in the high teens.

The Gorse Fox had football this morning. There was a good turnout and the Gorse Fox was playing for the red-bibs. It did not start well. We were soundly thrashed - the other team seemingly scoring at will. After that we found our mojo and we won the following two matches. In the second hour, playing for a different team, we weren't much better. Again we lost the first game but then managed a couple of draws.

In the afternoon we met with Old Bill and Lady Penelope and headed off to Southampton. We had tickets for "Wicked" at the recently refurbished Mayflower Theatre. We had a great run across the south coast, found somewhere to park then with a couple of hours to spare, found a pub. We sat and chatted over a beer and then wandered off to find something to eat. There seemed to be a wide selection of cuisines, but not many of the restaurants really appealed. In the end we decided to eat in the Theatre itself. This turned out to be a good choice. They had an excellent menu (if not extensive) and we all thoroughly enjoyed the meal and commented that we would certainly eat there again.

We took our seats in the auditorium, We had excellent view from Dress Circle - but to fair, it looked as if every seat had good views. The show started - the Gorse Fox's heart sank as the big opening number was so frantic and loud. The problem they had was the volume. It was so loud that you couldn't determine what was being sung. After that, things settled down a bit and it was really quite good. It was interesting how somebody had woven a backstory for the Wizard of Oz.

Overall it was a great show and the Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen really enjoyed it. Old Bill wasn't quite so impressed (mainly because of the volume), but Lady Penelope enjoyed it.

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