Friday, October 05, 2018


No not today.

It was, however, a glorious day right from the off. Wall to wall sunshine and comfortable warm.

The morning was spent doing bits of admin. The Gorse Fox updated the Silver Vixen's phone and watch. He has run for the best part of a week without problems so it seemed sensible to upgrade the Silver Vixen's. While that was going on he started checking things like health insurance forms for European travel - they needed renewing. He checked the bus pass eligibility for the Silver Vixen - and set a reminder for the correct date to apply. He checked his Euro currency account and saw the card had just expired - and renewed it. Lots of admin - but worth clearing. He also booked a car service for the Silver Vixen's car.

After lunch he went for a walk to get some exercise and then returned to the computer to start researching airport transfers and so forth. The Gorse Fox and the Silver Vixen have decided to have a week in Madeira later in the Autumn. It's a place we have often commented on and decided that it was a time we went to visit. Flights and hotel are booked and paid for, Jasper is booked in for his spa break while we are away, and the Gorse Fox just needs to sort out ground transportation.

Pistol Pete arrived soon after five o'clock with Ellie. We are looking after her overnight while they have dinner with some friends.

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