Monday, October 08, 2018

Smug, again

A bit grey this morning and it was certainly cool overnight.

The objective for today was to clear the workshop and re-organise where necessary. This has taken several hours. The main problem isn't the mess but rather the amount of wood that has been left over. All of it is perfectly good, usable wood, but surplus to current requirements. All of it needs to be stored somehow in such a way that it leaves the main part of the workshop clear.

Tools have all been put away, detritus from the last wood-working project has been bagged up and, along with bags of garden rubbish, deposited at the local recycling point. Workbench has been stowed back against the wall and the trestle table dismantled and hung up. The floor has been cleared and cleaned. The workshop has morphed back into a garage.

Now complete, the garage is now home to the Gorse Fox's car again. He's feeling suitably smug.

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