Monday, October 01, 2018

Oil base

Well it was certainly a bit chilly first thing this morning. Jasper made a fuss to go out, but once he realised how cool it was, he stayed put in the Orangery until things had warmed up a bit. It never got truly warm, but it it was bright and sunny throughout the day and the temperature in the Orangery climbed into the high 20s in the afternoon.

Much of the morning was spent fiddling about on the computer. Looking up this, researching that, checking prices and so forth. Nothing too radical, but it had to be done. The Gorse Fox and tsp went out for a walk late morning. There were letters to post (quaint idea, eh?) and we wanted to pop into the Sales Suite here on the development to talk to the girls about the forthcoming open day.

The Gorse Fox raided B&Q after lunch and got some paint with a Satinwood finish. He has decided that the existing chalk paint has no character at all and needs to be covered before he hands the window seat over to Urban Cub. The painting itself went well and the unit looks better already. The Gorse Fox, however, failed to read the instructions regarding cleaning the brushes/rollers. He has got so used to everything being water-based and the cleanup using soap and water, that he just assumed the same was true here. Oh no! No this paint was an oil-based paint and needed proper brush cleaner. The problem was that he was smeared in white paint before he realised. Brushes and rollers have now been discarded and hands have been scrubbed raw to get the paint off. There's a lesson there somewhere!

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