Sunday, October 07, 2018

Back in the swing

Well after yesterday's weather it was nice to see a bright, clear sky again today. It had been chilly overnight but it was nice enough once the sun climbed out of the east. In fact, it's about 26C in the Orangery this afternoon.

Sunday morning, recently, has been a case of breakfast on the beach or whatever. In fact everything other than football. Today we finally had sufficient players to get a game. We are back in the swing of it. The Gorse Fox headed across to Ford and met up with the lads. It was a 6-v-5 game today. Even though the Gorse Fox was on the yellow team (with 6 players) we ended up on the end of a sound thrashing. Gorse Fox isn't too sure what the final score was, but it was around 12-6-ish! Not good as far as a result, but great fun to be playing again.

Back home the Gorse Fox finished the last of major arrangements for the trip to Madeira. Ground transportation is now arranged, confirmed, and paid for in Madeira.

The Gorse Fox should really be clearing the garage, but frankly, he can't be bothered today. That will have to be a chore for the coming week.

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