Friday, September 14, 2018

Brush on

It was a bit grey at first but turned into quite a nice day. The main event for the early part of the day was the arrival of the man with the paint brush. After wall papering our lounge, the Gorse Fox asked him to quote for painting the outside woodwork. The quote came in at a sensible value and the Gorse Fox told him to go ahead. Today was the day.

You have to understand that there isn't really a lot of woodwork to paint. Modern houses tend to use uPVC for much of the external construction - but nevertheless there is some and the man with the brush set about sanding down the existing surfaces. Once that was done he brushed on the undercoat. It looks good already, but he won't be back until tomorrow to finish with the gloss / satin finish.

While this was going on the Silver Vixen was tidying up some of the plants in the garden. It all looks very smart and neat now. The Gorse Fox went out for a bit of exercise and wandered into an area of Bersted he hadn't visited before. Some of it was very nice with some large bungalows in big open plots, but some was more typical of the mass building of the 1960s.

Today happens to be Two Hats' birthday. The Sonning Crew will be celebrating in the traditional way and heading out for dinner. We have chosen to use the bus and head for Chichester again, making use of our bus passes - with the exception of the Silver Vixen who is still to young to be eligible for one.

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