Thursday, July 05, 2018

Who's in charge?

G-Force were back on duty today. Urban-Cub brought Ellie across to us for about 8:30 and then got ready for work. Once she had gone Ellie took charge of the agenda. There was play, then a brief nap. The nap was cut short by the arrival of Ocado. So then she helped unload and store the shopping. Then we were back to play. She is in no doubt of what she wants. When she wants to play she finds toys (or mischief) and settles down to it. When she's hungry she stands by the fridge or the store cupboard and yells "Cheese!".

The afternoon was a little quieter as the Gorse Fox showed her some photos and videos of herself on the TV. That had her intrigued and as she settled down on the Silver Vixen's lap we switched of to Cbeebies and she enjoyed a quiet half hour (even if she didn't sleep).

After supper there was a mad half hour in the garden as the Silver Vixen watered the plants and Ellie tried to help by moving parts of the garden into the birdbath. As the Gorse Fox writes all he can hear is cheering and splashing as she enjoys her bath.

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