Wednesday, July 04, 2018

Senior moments

It's Independence Day. For some this refers to the day on which the Colonies seceded from the British Crown. For those who really know their history they will remember that it is celebrated as the anniversary of the Gorse Fox retiring from Starfleet. Four years now. Four lovely years with no commuting, no teleconference calls, no assessments to write, no spending weeks away from home, no chasing targets that have no bearing on reality, no 60-70 hour working weeks, no tube trains, no customers or clients.


So what has the Gorse Fox been up to today. He started by listening to news to make sure he hadn't dreamt the England/Colombia result, and that we did indeed win on penalties to go through to quarter finals. After that it was off to football.

The sides were clearly unbalanced from the start. This time, though we held out for a while, there was no disguising the fact that the yellow-bibs were going to be trounced. Ian (an ex-pro) and the Gorse Fox did the best they could to stem the tide but in the end we went down 5-1. A game like that is hard work and the Gorse Fox had be very disciplined at the back. This does not afford him the opportunity to roam and help the attack, which is frustrating. Oh well, better luck next week. He wandered back to changing rooms, got ready, and headed home.

Halfway home the phone rang. It was Runaldo. Had the Gorse Fox left his glasses behind?
Doh! Yes. He was wearing his sunglasses, but, in a senior moment,  had left his ordinary glasses on the bench. Fortunately Runaldo had spotted them and we agreed to meet in the car park of The Roundstone, where he could return them.

Back home, after a bite of lunch, the Gorse Fox set about loading the car with the detritus from the furniture deliveries. This actually involved three trips to the top. The packing cases from the furniture were so big that he could only take one at a time. The last trip was to get rid of the old hostess trolley that we no longer require (and judging by e-Bay, nor does anyone else).

The Gorse Fox plans to take Two Hats and Old Bill to the pub for a pint. They have been so helpful over the last few days that the Silver Vixen suggested he buy them a pint. Well, thought the Gorse Fox, a pint between them isn't too over the top.

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