Friday, July 06, 2018


The day has revolved around Ellie. She first called us to attention at about 7:30 and gobbled down a hearty breakfast. Then she went into hyper-play mode until she wore herself out and went up for a nap. This gave us an hour or so to get things done.

The Gorse Fox has detected a spurious error between the Sky Q box and the new TV. Every now and again it seems to lose itself. Online research showed that this was not unique to the Gorse Fox. In fact there are 10 pages of discussion on the subject... and no definitive solution. The Gorse Fox decided to try one of the remedies. It wasn't needed. Everything was working fine again. He has decided that he follow a particular regime for switching the various units on and off in the hope that it may just be a timing issue. (There's nothing, in the world of technology, worse than an intermittent error with no obvious trigger).

We took Ellie for a walk around the Lake today. We stopped to see the ducks and the swan, but Ellie wasn't over impressed. She did pretty well walking though, but the Gorse Fox did have to carry her part of the way back.

Once home she settled into the cool of the living room where we had CBeebies on the TV, and toys all over the floor. The trouble was that the Uruguay-v-France quarter-final of the World Cup was about to start.

The Gorse Fox decided to try and use the PIP (picture-in-picture) feature on the TV. As you can see from the photo, this worked pretty well. He could watch the upper right quadrant while Ellie enjoyed the rest.

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