Saturday, July 07, 2018

Mr Shifter

Well that didn't quite work as planned.

It all started when Urban-Cub moved home. With the upgraded kitchen she had a full set of integrated appliances. This left her old  (or should we say) nearly new, washing machine without a home. With here redesigned bedroom she had a nice Ottoman that was also surplus. Kindly, she offered them to us.

Today was the day to take delivery.

Our old Ottoman was consigned to the Orangery as a tool box. The new one was installed at the end of the bed. Perfect.

The Gorse Fox emptied the Utility cupboard and along with Pistol Pete we removed the tumble dryer and then uncoupled the old washing machine and carried (lugged) it out. We heaved the new washing machine out of their Peugot 5008 and as we approached the front door, the Gorse Fox said 'hold on'. He rushed inside, got a tape measure and measured the new machine and compare it to the old one.

Ah! not looking good. Quite a bit bigger.

Never mind, it may still fit in the Utility cupboard. He went and measured.

Doh! Not going to fit at all. All of the hugging and heaving had been to no avail. We put the new machine back in the car, and took the old one back to its original spot. Well, at least we had an opportunity to clean the floor beneath it. Everything is now back the way it was... and Urban-Cub and Pistol Pete still have a spare washing machine.

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