Sunday, July 01, 2018

Good mix

Today was a good mix. The sun was high. The temperatures were drifting around 29-30C and there was football to play. The Gorse Fox headed off to the arena and  ended up playing for the yellow-bibs. He had been instrumental in allocating the teams and through he had it about even.

At half-time it was 6-6. The Gorse Fox had actually diverted two goals into his own net. The goalie wasn't amused. In the second half we quickly gave away two more goals but then we hit our stride. Two goals from the Gorse Fox started the run and in the end we rolled off the court 14-10 winners. It had been hot but fitness had made the difference.

Home and showered, the Gorse Fox emptied his kit bag. The water bottle had leaked and everything was soaked. It was left out in the Orangery to dry. Meanwhile we headed out for the afternoon.

Urban-Cub and Pistol Pete had invited us round for a BBQ. We had a lovely afternoon playing with Ellie and enjoying the family company.

Ellie made the most of her little paddling pool (sited carefully in the shade). She was clearly dressed as a member of the French Foreign Legion on holiday in Brighton. She clearly loves the water.

We heard all about their holiday and the latest mischief (and tantrums) from Ellie. They clearly had a wonderful week for camping even if the temperature in the tent did soar into the mid 30s at times.

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