Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Late last night the Gorse Fox received notification that the new wallpaper would be delivered today. This meant he had to make a decision. Does he go and play football, and chance missing the delivery, or does he stay at home and miss football?

He decided, having scored 3 goals already this week, that he would skip football and ensure he was available when the delivery driver turned up. On some recent Wednesdays this would not have been an issue as the Silver Vixen was around, but her Pilates session was back on this week and she had arranged to meet with someone for coffee after.

The Gorse Fox spent the whole morning in the the study working on the accounts. It's not that they are difficult, it's just that, though he has recorded all expenditures, he hasn't cross-checked them against the various statements since the end of April. There were a lot of transactions to clear. As he neared the end, he realised that there were several payments that hadn't shown up. On examination it became clear that the account aggregator that he uses hadn't downloaded information from two of the accounts since May. This took a bit of sorting out, but now all the information is available again. The Gorse Fox will have to go back and do a second pass on the accounts to handle these items - but not today. Enough is enough.

The new wallpaper turned up soon after lunch. The Gorse Fox just has to arrange for Mr Wallpaper to return and hang it. He's offered Thursday or Friday next week, or if really urgent, this Saturday.

There is considerable hype regarding the World Cup Semi Final tonight between England and Croatia. Too much hype for it to sit easily with the Gorse Fox. He is very hopeful, but at the end of the day the Croatia team are very good and very experienced - they are not just going to roll over because the English press and media want an England win.

As it happens, we are recording the game. We won't be watching. We are going out with the Sonning Crew to celebrate (albeit belatedly) Tinkerbell's birthday. We're going to brand new restaurant in Chichester call The Giggling Squid... and will be travelling by bus again.

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