Tuesday, July 10, 2018


It was a little cooler today. It was still in the mid-20s, and very comfortable but we have some respite from the intensity of the recent 30 degree days. In fact today is the first time it's been cool enough to sit in the Orangery during the afternoon.

The day started with the alarm. The Silver Vixen had a dental appointment and needed to be out early. The Gorse Fox likes to get up early any way so it was just a gently nudge for him. After some breakfast the Silver Vixen headed off into Chichester. The Gorse Fox retired to the study for half an hour to craft some code that would take an exported "WhatsApp" conversation and convert it into an html-table that he could copy and paste into his private blog. This allows him to save some of the chats he has with Cousteau-Cub (or anyone else) in the family journal in a nicely formatted fashion.

That done he headed off for football. Today he was playing for the black bibs. In the first game we managed a 0-0 draw, in the second game we won 6-0 (and towards the end, the Gorse Fox swapped sides to help them stem the flow - and prevented any further goals); the final game, back in a black bib, ended up 2-2.

In the second hour he was playing for the blue bibs. It was good to have a second hour - having missed it last week. This was very tight. In the first game we lost 2-1, the second game was a 1-0 win (with a goal from the Gorse Fox), and the last game was a draw. In today's heat, it was a good workout and most enjoyable.

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