Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Rules seem to be the subject of the day.

A Facebook post from a neighbour was questioning various aspects of the Covenant to which we are all meant to adhere. It would appear that her direct neighbour is just making up new rules to suit himself and threatening court action because other people don't adhere to his fantasy rules. It's a shame, but there always seems to be one on every development. Clearly most of the neighbours have rallied round to give moral support.

Football was also subject to rule changes. At least these are documented and provide some standardisation across the land. The main differences to us are in the realms of ball height. Because we play outside on a large pitch we have never enforced the rule that the ball has remain below head height. From today we are. This cause a degree of confusion to start with, but we soon got into the swing of it. Well that might be an exaggeration - the Gorse Fox was only on the winning side for 1 out of 6 games today... and certainly didn't contribute any goals (though did stop a few).

Weatherwise it has been a gorgeous day but the forecast for the end of the week is looking pretty grim (at least in the east of the country).

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