Tuesday, January 02, 2018


The magic of Tuesday weather has evidently worn off. Last year we seemed to play football on Tuesdays with very few days where it rained. Well today the first Tuesday of 2018 ended that run. The Gorse Fox spent two hours playing in the pouring rain and was soaked to the skin. Fortunately he always has a warm, dry, set of clothes in a bag in anticipation of just such a day. When finished he changed into his dry clothes and felt a lot better. (It also helped that he had been on the side that had won 5 out 6 games and drawn the sixth one.)

The football transfer window is open and the Gorse Fox was flattered to be approached by the Brighton captain. He is trying to build a team to win the national "People's Cup" (Arun Amblers played in this two years back). He asked the Gorse Fox if he would join because though he had a good attack and midfield he needed a strong defence and reckoned that, looking across the Brighton, Lancing, and the Worthing teams, the Gorse Fox was his first choice. The Gorse Fox was quite chuffed by the approach, but politely declined. Experience has taught him that the quality of the refereeing and the degree of aggression that you see in these games takes the fun out of playing.

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