Tuesday, January 09, 2018


Oh what a grey day. It has remained dark all day, but at least it stayed dry and wasn't too cold.

The Silver Vixen was upend about early and headed off to Urban-Cub's to help young Jake look after Ellie for the day.

The Gorse Fox headed off to football. The turn out wasn't as big as usual, but there was a tournament yesterday. when the teams were selected the Gorse Fox found himself play for the blue-bibs and looking at the make-up of the teams was expecting to be on the receiving end of three severe beatings. In the end, we did ok. We drew one, lost one, and won one. This put us 2nd in the overall stack and the Gorse Fox was pleased to have tucked two goals away.

In the second hour he was playing for the red-bibs. Somewhat less successful in this hour with two losses and a win.

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