Monday, January 08, 2018


The Gorse Fox received an offer from his energy company. As we approach the end of our current contract they were offering a new fixed price contract for the next 24 months. It's more than he currently pays, but is it competitive? The Gorse Fox spent an hour or so going through the details and the various comparison websites. In the end he decided it was not the cheapest, but was perfectly acceptable. He uses Bristol Energy and they are a community based supplier ploughing some of their profits back in to local charities and schemes. He likes this idea so signed up for a further couple of years.

Lunchtime saw the Gorse Fox making a couple of omelettes - not particularly significant, other than the fact that they finished off the last of the Christmas ham. That turned out to be good value having been used, at least for snacks, ever since Boxing Day.

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