Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Where is Noah

It did not look promising and by the time the Gorse Fox was driving across to Worthing, the rain had started. It looked as if it would be a very wet game of football (again).

The Gorse Fox was picked for the yellow team this week and we kicked off into the wind with the rain driving at our faces. By half time, it had been a tight and competitive game, but we were 2-1 down. The rain was dripping off us as it got more and more intense. By the end of the game we had conceded a further goal and we all left the pitch completely drenched. Fortunately, the Gorse Fox had brought a complete range of clothes so it wasn't long before he was warm and cozy.

The rain had brought out the cars. Clearly any journey that would normally have been done on foot or by bike, was taken in a car and the usual 25 minute drive home took well over 45 minutes today. The rain has just increased in intensity throughout the afternoon and the Gorse Fox has started to design an Ark on Sketchup (now, how big is a cubit?)

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